Wedding Arch

Roman Columns

Large Chocolate Fountain   

Misting Fan 

Double Decker Bar 6 ft (Rear view)

   4FT Wood Fold Bar

Serpentine Double Decker

Bar With Ice Chest

Party Rentals Miami

2 Way Radios 


Portable  P/A With I-pod Dock

 Caja China  


   Powered Podium

Misting Fan In Use


 Coolers 150 Qt

 Projector Screen

Split Chafer Pan

Lectern (Podium)


 Candy Stove

Chafer Dish

L.E.D. Plexiglas Bar

Patio Heater

Cool Zone 

Carpet Runners  Ask About Colors 

Double Decker  Bar 6 Ft  (Front view)

Stachions And Ropes  

Raffel Drum

Sheet Pan 

Pa Speakers

 Pipe And Drap

Tiki Bar with Top 
‚Äč(No Background)

Small Chocolate Fountain  

Serpentine Double Decker (Rear)